Sunday, December 6, 2015

Elves, Elves, Elves!!!

Chippy, our Elf, has been in the class for three days. He had Santa send a letter to the class the second day because our class was not making the Nice List. I have to say, my class this year can be very difficult sometimes. I am taking advantage of Chippy to help with class management in December. 
Chippy is hanging with his elf friends for when the kids get back on Tuesday. Just so you know, my school does not have school on Mondays! I am so spoiled!

We made elves to put up as decoration and as you can see from above, some of them were not so Christmasy lol 
While others are SO cute! and totally Christmasy 

I am enjoying December in the classroom! The Elf Journal is helping the students with writing everyday. Because we don't go to school on Monday we only have 8 days left till Christmas break! I am ready for a break :) 
How is your Elf working in the classroom? 


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