Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Intro to Elf on the Shelf

Well a small little creature came to visit us today. The kids were so excited! 
I wrapped our little guy in wrapping paper and stuck him in the fridge. I had our secretary at school bring the package in. As soon as she said, "It sure is cold, it must have come from the North Pole." The kids exploded! They knew right away that it was Elf on the Shelf. 
I had one little kiddo that didn't believe but he soon changed his mind lol 

This is tomorrow's spot for the kids to find Chippy. Which is the name they chose. If you saw the movie then you would know that is the main characters name. 

We also did a Naughty vs. Nice list, this really helped the kids get and idea of what to do and not do. They even started checking each other saying, "Chippy could tell Santa that tonight!" if someone was not doing something correctly. 

We are also doing Elf Journals each afternoon! I am hoping this will help the kids with their writing, which is what I want to focus on in December. 

I made the cover myself and below I found this one online. 

I am super excited for the kids and to see how this goes for my first year. I am glad that the introduction is over and we can move on to seeing where Chippy hides each day. Let me know some ideas for Chippy! How do you introduce your Elf on the Shelf? Much Love


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