Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Book Sale!

Twice a year our local library hold a book sale. For teachers this is the Best time to get books, especially if you are changing grades... Yes I am moving to Third Grade! I am so pumped, but more about that later. Third grade reads books then takes an AR test, the more points they get then they get a reward. AR BookFinder US is so amazing! They give you all the info on the books then you can print it out or save the information. 
I spend $69.50 on all my books, I am so specific because I went in with $70... You can't get much closer than that. 
As you can see Zeus wanted to help me sort them.
P.S. I bought the cutest shoes! I ordered them online and it was a nightmare! I won't be ordering from this company again. I am hoping that they hold up. They are Not Tom's but I wish they were! I will keep you posted. 

Alysse xoxo 

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