Saturday, June 25, 2016

Goddess VoxBox by Influenster

Influensters Goddess VoxBox!
The box that came in the mail! 
First look inside
I haven't tried these yet but I do use other Always products and I like them very much!
I am sorry the next few pictures are sideways but I tried the Cutex wipes and I really like them! The smell is great and the pad is small and easy to use. It did leave a few strings of the fabric they use on my nails but it wasn't bad. I would buy these. 
I am so glad this came in the box! It is a witch hazel hydrating toner. I have heard that witch hazel does amazing things for your skin so I can't wait to try this out!
These things smell AMAZING! I am using then as I write this in my wash. I like other Downy products so I am sure these will make my towels smell and feel awesome. 
YAY Pantene! I have bought Pantene products for a long time now and I was very excited to get these travel size in the VoxBox. I am going out of town in July so I will be bringing these along. 
I love me some good nail polish! This nail polish is great because it dries fast, its matte!and it doesn't take much to have full coverage on the nail. 

Alysse xoxo 

Disclaimer: I have received these products complimentary for testing purposes. These products came to me by the company Influenster. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Leadership in the Classroom

I have scoured Pinterest for all things "Leadership" and I have found some pretty awesome stuff (of course, it's Pinterest and you all are Amazing). I have tweaked a few things and made them my own but I will link up the original posts for you guys.

My first is a "Leader of the Week" students! Our school is working on some Leader in Me stuff by Steven Covey so I thought this was a great idea! If another student see's a classmate following one of the 7 Habits then they put their name in our "Leader Box," on Fridays we then go through and see what student has been a Leader that week.

I am also going to make this like a "Brag Tag" that the student can wear but it's for being a Leader! 

This will go on the special supplies that only the "Leader of the Week" gets to use! 

I am so super excited to be adding more and more leadership ideas into the classroom. Have you seen anything you think I should see? Leave me a link and description below! 

~Alysse xoxo 

Leadership in the Classroom is original to My Everyday Life blog. All material was made by me, the ideas came from linked blogs. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Next School Year

Third grade here I come! I am so excited to be moving to third grade next year! I have always wanted to teach third grade and it actually stems from a bad experience I had in third grade. My teacher was terrible and she had a clip chart and I got moved down one day and it scared me for life! I wanted to be better than her, I didn't ever want a kid to feel the way I felt that day. 

On a lighter note lol I went shopping! Please, PLEASE don't tell the Hubs. He just got paid and well I saw on Instagram that there was a sale at Michael's...

READ letters: $2.39 each ( I plan on putting lights through the holes and putting it in my library!) 
White craft box (under the letter R): $.59 I want to use this as a Leadership Box
Wood Crate: $4.49 I am also using this at my Leader of the Week desk
Chalkboard sign (the designed one): $4.47 definitely going on the classroom door
11X14 chalkboard in frame: This is for the house but it was $9.99! 

50sheet Card Stock: $2.50 each! 

Home Depot Apron: $.83 with tax
I really want to use these for the kids "book box" this year but I am going to go to the school to see how they look on the chairs. This is a work in progress! 
Staples Sale
 Expo Markers $6.59
Sharpies $6.00

I would say that I ran into some really good sales today! I am super pumped about third grade and I will keep you updated on all things in Mrs. Hobbs class! 

Make sure you go check out all the sales! 
~Alysse xoxo 

"Next School Year" was originally posted on My Everyday Life. None of the listed stores above asked to write, all thoughts are my own.