Friday, June 10, 2016

Next School Year

Third grade here I come! I am so excited to be moving to third grade next year! I have always wanted to teach third grade and it actually stems from a bad experience I had in third grade. My teacher was terrible and she had a clip chart and I got moved down one day and it scared me for life! I wanted to be better than her, I didn't ever want a kid to feel the way I felt that day. 

On a lighter note lol I went shopping! Please, PLEASE don't tell the Hubs. He just got paid and well I saw on Instagram that there was a sale at Michael's...

READ letters: $2.39 each ( I plan on putting lights through the holes and putting it in my library!) 
White craft box (under the letter R): $.59 I want to use this as a Leadership Box
Wood Crate: $4.49 I am also using this at my Leader of the Week desk
Chalkboard sign (the designed one): $4.47 definitely going on the classroom door
11X14 chalkboard in frame: This is for the house but it was $9.99! 

50sheet Card Stock: $2.50 each! 

Home Depot Apron: $.83 with tax
I really want to use these for the kids "book box" this year but I am going to go to the school to see how they look on the chairs. This is a work in progress! 
Staples Sale
 Expo Markers $6.59
Sharpies $6.00

I would say that I ran into some really good sales today! I am super pumped about third grade and I will keep you updated on all things in Mrs. Hobbs class! 

Make sure you go check out all the sales! 
~Alysse xoxo 

"Next School Year" was originally posted on My Everyday Life. None of the listed stores above asked to write, all thoughts are my own. 

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