Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Preggo Tips

I now have a 1 month old and I can't believe it. My dearest girl is so sweet and I love her so much. I thought I would type out a few tips that helped me. I am no expert but these are some things that helped me along the way in my pregnancy.

  1. Night Lights: I bought some cheap night lights from WalMart when I first found out I was pregnant. The night lights still work to this day! Almost a year later, it helps to have them in your bathroom so those late night bathroom trips won't jolt you awake when you turn the lights on. 
  2. Tums/Rolades: *Check with your doctor before you take either of these.* I usually use Tums but Rolades helped me through this pregnancy. I bought the ones with gas relief and they were very helpful. 
  3.  Carbs: When I first found out I was pregnant I went into super healthy eater mode. You want to at this point because you realize you are creating a child. Turns out I needed carbs. I would be sick in the mornings if I didn't have anything on my stomach. Turns out it's okay at the beginning of your pregnancy to eat toast, bagels, oatmeal, ect. I would not have survived because I could only keep some of the items listed above down without getting sick. Once you pass the sickness mode is when you need to start eating healthier. 
  4. Water Bottles: I don't like using lots of plastic but at work, water bottles helped me out a lot because I could keep track of what I was drinking and I wasn't drinking enough water sadly. But using water bottles did help when I was at work. I could set a goal of how much I should drink. 
  5. Snacks: Carry some healthy snacks with you or crackers because you will get hungry when no one has anything for you. This also prepares you for motherhood when you have a toddler who needs snacks often.

I am sure I will have more ideas for you down the road but I hope you enjoy these few tips.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Grace Hobbs

Grace was born on Sunday, February 26 at 12:28pm! It was very unexpected because I was not due for another two weeks. It snowed that morning as we were headed off to the hospital. Contractions started about 3:30 in the morning and then she was born at 12:28pm. We didn't make it to the hospital until 10:40ish, after my water broke at home. It was so fast, I still can't believe it's all over and it's been almost three weeks. 

My sweet Grace is so wonderful! She sleeps so well and eats all the time. She is perfect! Her coo's are the best. I love my sweet girl so much! 


Week 29

Side view; head at the top with her right eye, nose and lip showing 

Most of this week was spent on cleaning. I had off school so I guess my "nesting" started to happen. I have pretty much got all the clothes in my house clean! Putting up the Christmas stuff is also on my list of things to do. To be honest, I think I may have over done it in the cleaning department. I am seriously tired.

My belly is also getting more round, I thought I would pooch outward more but I am getting more round and there is some fat on my sides now. I am enjoying this process so much that I don't even care. The Hubs and I found out this week that our little girl likes to lay on her stomach, meaning her back is up against the front of my body. She likes to face my spine. I am interested to see if she will enjoy laying on her stomach when she comes into this world.

How far along? 29 weeks 5 days
Total Weight Gain: 11-15 pounds
Maternity clothes? Most of my shirts still fit but pants will start to be maternity
Stretch Marks? Yes, on my legs, no on my belly
Sleep:  A little restless, more dreams lately
Best moment of the week! Getting an extra ultra sound
Miss anything? Sleeping through the night without having to go to the bathroom
Food Cravings: Funyuns, I am wanting to try and eat healthier this week
Anything make me queasy or sick? No
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: none
Symptoms: Wanting to eat more, some leg cramps
Belly Button in or out? Out and staying out
Wedding ring on or off? on 
Mood: Feeling really good this week! a bit tired
Looking forward to: Getting the baby room all done