Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Shepherd's Hut

My newest obsession! I first found out about Shepherd's Hut's on The Londoner. It is a very British idea and I love it! I have not found a place in the U.S. with these wonderful beauties yet. A Shepherd's Hut is a sweet and comfy way to camp but not in a tent. I enjoy camping in tents but these wonderful huts would be a dream to stay in, add some s'mores and we would have a party! 

Wriggly Tin is in the U.K. and they have the most wonderful, cute and delicious huts! 
the next four pictures were taken by The Londoner

Aren't they dreamy! 

The Shepherds Hut Retreat  is also located in the U.K. but they also have some beautiful hut's with lakeside views! 

I would love one day to bring this stylish style of camping to the U.S.! 


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